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Waking up in Paradise!

I have been in Australia for about a week now. It’s like coming home when I’m here; being with my friend Patty who is like a sister. When we see each other it is like no time has gone by; but strangely enough time has gone by, just celebrated my 60th birthday. Who would have thought, 60 seemed like it would be so old, but I don’t feel old. I feel blessed that I have a life that has brought me here.

I've been taking it easy but taking it all in. It’s beautiful summer weather. Today is sunny with a lovely breeze. sitting on the verandah as I write.

The first thing I wanted when I landed was a meat pie! They are little hand pies with a really flaky crust and different fillings. They sell them at all the bakeries; my favorite is steak and mushroom! Yum!

Patty and Petro’s home is a paradise, the house itself is a very picturesque cottage surrounded by the most incredible gardens. As I sit here I’m listening to the Kookaburras and watching the butterflies. The whole railing of the verandah is covered with lush purple grapes which are ripe and sweet. Patty picks heaps of vegetables every day so we’ve had some lovely meals, lots of salads. Petro made a baked stuffed zucchini with a lemon sauce that was incredibly delicious! Here you can have a garden year round in most places. Australians make some of the best wine too; we've had a bit of that.

Patty threw a party for me last Sunday, everyone brought a dish and we had shrimp and sausage on the barbie! She even baked me a cake!

I have been catching up with other good friends and! seeing the sites, going to the beach, went to an amazing bird sanctuary. Sitting on my friend Rose’s deck is like being at a bird sanctuary, listening to all the bell birds.

Kangaroos are everywhere, spotted a few yesterday, one had a joey in his pocket. I love to watch them.

That’s it for now, g’day mates!

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