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Feeling blessed

Here in Negril Jamaica at the Ayurveda Resort. I am here for six weeks, it's a beautiful place to be. Every day I walk, first thing in the morning and then again when the sun is setting. I go a little further each day. This morning I walked about three miles, along the edge of the surf where the sand is firm and the water is lukewarm, splashing with my bare feet.

On my way back there is a wooded area and the path is lined with conch shells. I stop and buy a coconut, they cut it open so I can drink the coconut water.

Then I go to the kitchen next door to see what Robin has cooking. He said he had Ackee & Saltfish, that is the national dish of Jamaica. I wasn't sure if I liked it so he gave me a small bowlful to try. It was really good! Tasted kind of like salty scrambled eggs, and came with Callaloo greens, similar to kale, sauteed with chopped up veggies.

There are a lot of local Jamaicans that walk the beach, some selling things, socks, straw hats, bracelets. Because I am alone I am approached by a few, most just want to be a friend or cook for me. One fellow this morning asked if I was taken, I said no, that I didn't want to be taken. I had a good laugh!

It's afternoon now, sitting under a gazebo, doing some writing.

Will spend a couple of hours in the sun and water.

Life is good, feeling blessed!

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