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Eating healthy!

I try to fit in some fun no matter how busy life gets. Except for a couple of trips to New Jersey for sister time I haven't traveled since Australia two years ago. Time to get my groove back, heading to Negril Jamaica at the end of the month!!! Ten days to be outside, barefoot, eat curry, walk, dance, spend time with good friends and be good to myself!

Everyone gets so busy, they forget about taking care of themselves and eating should be a priority! Your body is your temple, take care of it!

I have it written on my office wall, no sugar, no flour, no dairy! So far, I've been doing pretty good, I relapse when I go out to eat so I try to limit how often I do that. Today I'll be having a big salad and some tangerines for lunch.

Winter is a time for trying new comfort food recipes. Some of the plant based dishes I've been making are ....a Mexican Lasagna, made in a cast iron skillet with layers of corn tortillas, lots of veggies, black beans, refried beans, cashew cheese ( pureed cashews with onions, garlic & Nutritional yeast) and salsa. A Vegan chocolate pie made with a Grape nut walnut date crust and filling of silken tofu with dark chocolate & maple syrup, and a red lentil & dill stew filled with flavor sensations! It does take time to prepare these dishes but totally worth it!

I've started a facebook page, Cookin Carol where I'm trying my best to post pics & recipes of healthy foods. Please follow along or email if you want a recipe.

Be good to yourself, happy healthy eating!!!

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